Project Status

JXCL has been reorganized, first to break it into more easily maintained and understood components and then to integrate XLattice's XML and facilities for project management and distributed software development.

Current changes to JXCL are almost entirely in the arrangement of source code files and so are not being tracked in CVS. We currently expect CVS to be back in sync in perhaps a month, by mid-September 2004.

The repackaged product has been released as two tarballs. The first of these, jxcl-0.7.tar.gz, includes the core JXCL component's Java source code and any other jars used in software development, including those from XLattice, Ant, JUnit, XPP3, and Antlr.

The second package includes source and jar file for UCovered. It depends upon the first - that is, running UCovered requires that JXCL be installed previously.

The previous version of JXCL was 0.7-a-4. This has one known bug in the code, sometimes seen when instrumenting code with finally clauses. This and several other bugs have been corrected in the 0.7 UCovered release, but one more has been found (a problem in forking when running unit tests under Ant).

JXCL 0.7a4 is available as two tarballs, one containing the single jar file, documentation, and examples, and the other containing source for documentation (in Xdoc format), unit tests, and JXCL/UCovered Java.

The 'a' signifies that this is alpha code, still in development, with some bugs and some limitations in functionality. We expect that it will shortly move to beta status, meaning that it is near production quality code, with minor bugs if any and some minor shortcomings in functionality.

0.7aCVS jxcl now
0.7UCovered component tarball ucovered-0.7.tar.gz 17 Aug 2004
0.7JXCL base component tarball, with dependencies jxcl-0.7.tar.gz 16 Aug 2004
0.7a4binary distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-4-bin.tar.gz18 Apr 2004
0.7a4source distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-4-src.tar.gz18 Apr 2004
0.7a3binary distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-3-bin.tar.gz07 Apr 2004
0.7a3source distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-3-src.tar.gz07 Apr 2004
0.7a2binary distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-2-bin.tar.gz25 Nov 2003
0.7a2source distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-2-src.tar.gz25 Nov 2003
0.7a1binary distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-1-bin.tar.gz20 Oct 2003
0.7a1source distribution, tarball jxcl-0.7-a-1-src.tar.gz20 Oct 2003