JXCL is a framework for constructing instrumenting class loaders and other transformation and software generation tools for Java.

UCovered is a Java unit test and coverage tool built around JXCL. UCovered modifies Java classes as they are loaded, working at the bytecode level instead of on source code.

JXCL and UCovered currently use Apache's ByteCode Engineering Library to work with Java bytecode (assembly language). However, an alternative bytecode library, Glass, is under development. Glass will allow easier manipulation of Java's low-level code.

The 0.7a4 version of JXCL was a single package incorporating both JXCL and UCovered. The very recent 0.7 release splits these into two separately downloadable components and incorporates XML support and project management tools from a related project, XLattice. In the near future an early version of Glass will be released as a third JXCL component.

The 0.7 release consists of two tarballs. One of these, jxcl-0.7.tar.gz, contains source code, jxcl-0.7.jar, and the jars for Ant, JUnit, the xpp3 XML pull parser, the Antlr lexer/parser generator, and other dependencies.

The other tarball, ucovered.tar.gz, contains Java source code and the jar file for UCovered, JXCL's coverage utility.

Recent News/Changes

2004-08-17ucovered-0.7This is the first release of UCovered, JXCL's Java test coverage tool, as a separate component. There are only minor changes in the source code. A few bugs have been corrected, exposing one more (the Ant task can only be run with fork="false"). The current release of JXCL, jxcl-0.7, must be installed before running UCovered. All other necessary jars (dependencies) are included with jxcl-0.7.
2004-08-16jxcl-0.7 This release is the first step in integrating XLattice's XML and project management facilities into JXCL. There are no substantial changes in JXCL's source code. The release does not include the UCovered Java coverage test tool. It does include jars for all dependencies (Ant, JUnit, XLattice, etc). A separate UCovered release, ucovered-0.7, will appear shortly.
2004-04-18release 0.7a4renamed JXunit to UCovered, changed documentation accordingly
2004-04-07release 0.7a3incorporates Dale King's patches correcting problems running under Windows