Current To Do List

The table below represents the current todo list, roughly in priority order. It is not by any means complete.

what urgency details
review testing high JXCL and UCovered testing needs a thorough review. This should begin in JXCL and then progress to UCovered after JXCL is known to be bug-free.
componentization, CVS updates high The JXCL components need to be split up in CVS on Sourceforge. This is essential to understanding the product in its current form.
documentation mid The user guide needs to accurately describe exactly what steps are necessary to download the zip file from Sourceforge, unzip it, and run the standard build with its unit tests.
package.html mid The current plan is to write a single JML file for each JXCL/UCovered/Glass package and then generate both an Xdoc .xml file and package.html for Javadocs from that JML file. A procedure needs to be set out for doing this -- probably this means writing a script -- and then it needs to be done for all of the existing JXCL and UCovered packages.
automation of Sourceforge updates low The Web sites at Sourceforge are currently updated manually. This needs to be automated - with care.